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9th Dutch Bio-Medical Engineering Conference

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09:15   Lamoraalzaal:Keynote lecture by Jeroen Rouwkema
Chair: Natasha Maurits
45 mins
Towards the creation of multi-scale vascular networks in engineered tissues
Jeroen Rouwkeman
Abstract: Optimally engineered tissues will often need to contain a vascular network; either to supply the cells in the tissue with nutrients after implantation, or to ensure a physiological tissue response when the tissue is used as a screening platform. Especially when the tissue is engineered for implantation purposes, this network needs to be properly organized, including macro-vascular structures but also micro-vascular capillaries, to accommodate a functional connection with the vasculature of the patient. In order to achieve multiscale organized vascular networks within engineered tissues, we are developing methodologies to spatially control the organization of vascular cells within tissue analogues. In this presentation I will present our work on the development of ex ovo chicken chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) systems to investigate the effect of multiple signals on vascular development and organization. Additionally, I will present engineering platforms that we develop to pattern these signals in an in vitro tissue engineering setting. With this approach, our long-term aim is to locally control tissue remodeling and maturation in engineered tissues, resulting in multiscale vascular networks.

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