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9th Dutch Bio-Medical Engineering Conference

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13:30   Lamoraalzaal: MDR Panel session
Chair: Joris Jaspers
60 mins
How the Medical Device Regulation can help BME researchers closing the gap between fundamental research and clinical implementation
Joris Jaspers
Abstract: In the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) panel session we will give you insights in those parts of this European regulation, which is important for Biomedical Engineering Research and we will give tips & tricks how you as a researcher can use the MDR to help the translation from (fundamental) research toward clinical implementation. 4 expert from 4 different UMC’s who are also members of different national MDR committees will share with you their view and experience of the MDR and how help to translate the MDR into practical guidelines and formats for BME researchers. We will give room for questions and concerns from the audience. Panel members are: Patrick González, VUMC & Medical Device Expert 4TU federation Herke Jan Noordmans, UMC Utrecht & Chairman committee Research and Innovation NVEC (Dutch Society of Clinical Physics) Jan Jaap Baalbergen, LUMC & Program manager NFU (Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers) Max Witjes, UMCG Surgeon & Medical director 3D medical lab

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